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Who We Are

About Folsom Academy - Family Taekwondo in Folsom, CA

Jonathan Peschke

Owner and Chief Instructor at Folsom Academy - Family Taekwondo in Folsom, 6th Degree Black Belt

At Folsom Academy - Family Taekwondo we believe families grow strong together. Whether you're on youï're own, looking for a new place to make friends and learn amazing self-defense moves, or you're a family in need of some quality time while getting physically fit - we have classes that will help you reach your goals while having a blast!

All experience levels are welcome! Taekwondo classes are for everyone, no matter where you're starting from. Rooted in Korean tradition but updated with modern teaching techniques to give you the best possible training available - classes are full of high fives AND high kicks to motivate you towards crushing your fitness and training goals. You'll drastically increase your flexibility, gain amazing striking power, and boost your self-confidence!

Improved hand to eye coordination, a lean & strong body, and learning in a positive environment focused on you are some other class perks you'll experience too.

Want to know a little more about what to expect in class?

Classes are controlled, fast-paced, and fun! Each workout is a combination of cardio, strength-building, and skills to give you the most power, speed, and precision behind your amazing new martial arts moves as possible.

Lightning fast strikes, paired up with mesmerizing footwork, and epic high kicks will set you up for stellar fitness gains and huge bursts in personal development. Our students gain laser-like focus, become more disciplined in their everyday life, and have lots of laughs during class.

The 1 super not-so-secret trick to an amazing, fit life...

You have to show up, for yourself. You deserve time to take care of yourself, that way you can take care of your family and community later down the line too! Safe, healthy, and happy. Knowing how to defend yourself and being physically fit builds confidence, self-control, and the ability to protect your family. It has a trickle down effect too. As you get better, so will those around you.

Our students notice a HUGE change in attitude and become stellar leaders in school, at work, or even in other hobbies and sports.

Kids tend to do better in school after coming in to train with us and have even been known to pick up a few extra chores around the house without complaining! Parents - yes, dreams do come true!

Adults benefit greatly from training as they find themselves more focused at work, willing to take on tough situations they normally would not, and finding peace of mind from finding such a positive and motivating outlet to blow off some steam at the end of the day. Stress reduction takes healthy habits way in to next level status!

Some other added benefits both our kids and adult members experience are:

  • Boosted Self-Esteem
  • Body Confidence
  • Better Teamwork & Goal Setting Skills
  • Outrageous Core Strength & Hip Mobility
  • Improvements in Stress Reduction

Whether you want to seriously dedicate your time to becoming an amazing martial artist, simply want to get fitter fast, or have a positive community spot where you and your family can make new friends for life - the key is that our instructors and staff will work WITH YOU and not for their own personal goals.

For more details on our unique ways to make your life amazing, while having the most fun you've EVER had working out, visit our classes page.

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You can also stop by to take a tour of the facility and meet our Master Instructors. We can't wait to train with you and help your family get stronger, together!

Mr. Jonathan Peschke is one of the Master Instructors, is ranked as a 6th Degree Black Belt, and has been teaching for over 23 years.

Ms. Taren Ogata is one of the Master Instructors, is ranked a 6th Degree Black Belt, and has been teaching for over 15 years.

How to Get Started

Come join our Folsom, CA Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Birthday Parties, Adult Martial Arts, and Fitness Kickboxing. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (916) 987-3620 if you have any further questions. Folsom Academy - Family Taekwondo hopes to speak with you soon!